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Congratulations to Alketa, June’s interpreter of the month!

Clearvoice Congratulations to Alketa, June’s interpreter of the month! article Clearvoice Congratulations to Alketa, June’s interpreter of the month! article

Another month, another fantastic interpreter to celebrate… We are delighted to share Alketa’s story and want to congratulate her on our outstanding contribution to Clear Voice!

My interest in interpreting started a long time ago when I was introduced to the gospel by a group of people in my home country, Albania.

I wanted to know more about the teachings, which ignited my desire to learn English. I joined an English class in order be able to read and better understand the gospel, with a view to eventually going on to help others access and appreciate them.

Once I had begun to learn English, I took on a lot of voluntary work as an interpreter to help spread the gospel – I even got a paid interpreting job with the organisation who had introduced them to me! During this time, I was also at university, studying to become an English teacher in Albania.

A few years later, I decided to take the leap and move to the UK.

When I arrived here I didn’t know how to get into the interpreting field, so I worked in retail for a while. Whilst on maternity leave, a friend suggested I started working as a telephone interpreter. I spent a lot of time researching how to go about this and, in the end, decided to join lots of different interpreting agencies to get started.

In 2016, I signed up to work with Clear Voice and, to be honest, it has become one of my favourite agencies that I have ever worked with. The communication with the staff is great and I always get paid on time.

My heart is for people; I want to help, and the best way I can do that is to interpret. I’m a generous person and thats why I love interpreting – it gives me an outlet for my generosity and desire to help.

Thank you to the Clear Voice team for choosing me as interpreter of the month.