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The InPower Project: Radil & Khaled

Clearvoice The InPower Project: Radil & Khaled article Clearvoice The InPower Project: Radil & Khaled article

To mark World Refugee Day and the start of Refugee Week 2022, we are proud to be able to share our short film about two incredible young men, Radil and Khaled, who both trained as professional interpreters through our InPower Project.

The InPower Project fully funds unemployed refugees through the training they need to start work as professional interpreters. Once they have completed the course they are given the opportunity to begin working with Clear Voice.

Radil arrived in the UK in 2019 after a journey from Iraq that lasted almost a year. Khaled was encouraged to leave Syria during the civil war by his father, who just wanted his son to find safety.

Their powerful stories illustrate the healing impact the InPower Project had on their lives, allowing them to regain normality after so much upheaval. Radil is now able to work whilst he pursues his passion – becoming an automotive mechanic. Meanwhile, Khaled is able to work, helping support his family, whilst he completes his studies at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Clear Voice is a unique social enterprise that delivers award-winning interpreting and translation services. 100% of our profits are donated to our parent charity Migrant Help. Using Clear Voice’s services helps support initiatives such as the InPower Project and the work of our parent charity.

This short film was produced in collaboration with Mediorite, a fantastic social enterprise who help young people get their first start in the creative industries, and was directed by the award-winning filmmaker, Nicola Leddy.